New technology from the future. Full-Carbon Face is here.

TSURUYA's History of Carbon

Focusing on carbon materials for more than 20 years, about 50% of the body of the “AXEL DI series” launched in 2005 was designed with non frame carbon. The carbon face has been in development for 5 years, with more than 50 prototypes. It was created by overcoming various challenges such as those related to strength, spin performance, repulsion performance, impact feel, golf rules, etc. We have launched one of the best carbon face drivers in the history of TSURUYA that satisfies needs for both repulsion performance and forgiveness and produces a long flying distance and a stable trajectory.

Various prototype heads




Realize the greatest flight in history the longest drive distance and a straight trajectory!

Unique and newest technologies that deflect the carbon face

Unique face thickness distribution design that produces high initial velocity

High repulsion performance to enhance the strength is realized by thickening the peripheral edge of the face and thinning the center part. The unique thickness distribution design deflects the face, so that there is a soft impact feel and overwhelming drive distance.

The one and only single material full-carbon face

Carbon sheets are compressed at high density to increase strength and achieve a full carbonface with a direct scoreline design. It is made of a single material and has a supple deflectionthat provides both a good impact feel and repulsive performance.

The biggest benefit of a carbon face

Carbon can be deflected more than metals such as titanium and stainless steel. By using only carbon for the face and forming the center part with a thin wall, a high initial velocity is achieved more effectively by deflection. In addition, we are also pursuing a lighter face.※Carbon face weight: about 25g, typical titanium face weight: about 50g

The highest moment of inertia in AXEL history

Combining carbon and tungsten alloy for the face body provides a deep center of gravity and a moment of inertia of 5,000g/㎠ of over. It prevents mistakes from a shifted hitting point,and enables stable hitting with a high trajectory.

The dual impact theory is adopted, where not only is the face deflected but also the entirehead.

01 To maximize the repulsion of the ball, the club head should be “as stiff as a golf ball”

In the case of a golf ball, having an impact by an object of the same hardness as that golf ball increases the energy efficiency.

02 The innovative non-frame design that gets the head hardness close to the ball softness

It is less productive and more expensive to make non frame design heads due to the lack of a metal frame, but they can be significantly lighter and allow the entire head to deflect softly at impact.

03 Maximize the repulsion efficiency by softening and deflecting the entire head

During impact, the tungsten weight at the back of the head tries to move forward and it pushes out the carbon part of the body, so that the deflection and restoration timing of the head and ball is synchronized. Energy efficiency increases, leading to a greater ball initial velocity and carrying distance. Compared to the titanium face, the carbon face has a larger deflection,giving a further carrying distance.

T.C.S (angle adjustment function)

It uses T.C.S. (Trajectory Control System) to adjust the loft angle (degree), lie angle (degree), and face angle (degree). This enables the angles to be changed to ±1.5 degrees of that of the loft angle. The trajectory can be adjusted by changing the angle.

■Amount of angle (degree) change by T.C.S.
Loft angle(real loft) ±0 +0.5 +1.0 +1.5 +1.0 +0.5 ±0 -0.5 -1.0 -1.5 -1.0 -0.5
Lie angle +3.0 +2.5 +2.0 +1.5 +1.0 +0.5 ±0 +0.5 +1.0 +1.5 +2.0 +2.5
Face angle ±0 +1.0 +2.0 +3.0 +2.0 +1.0 ±0 -1.0 -2.0 -3.0 -2.0 -1.0
※The + (plus) of the face angle is changed to the CLOSE direction, and the - (minus) is changed to the OPEN direction. The setting at start is STD LOFT (standard loft angle).
To get high trajectory and strong ball contact -> Set to HIGHER.
To get low trajectory and weak ball contact -> Set to LOWER.


<●Ordinary stock △Made to order>
DRIVERMade in Japan
Club number Driver
Head volume (㎤) 460
Loft angle (degrees) 10.5
Lie angle (degrees) 59.5
Club length (inches) 46
Club weight (g) R 280
S 283
Swing weight R/S D3
Line up R
Head materials Face: Carbon Body: Ti-811, carbon Weight: Tungsten alloy
(weight/torque/flex point)
R 46g / 5.5° / low
S 49g / 5.5° / low
Grip IOMIC Sticky SUPER LIGHT M62 Black/Black 34g No backline(Iomic Co., Ltd.)
※In case that sleep position is STD LOFT


The ideal design for the center of gravity is pursued by reducing weight with the use of titanium.

Achieved ultra low center of gravity. Overwhelming carrying distance brought about by high trajectory

For the FAIRWAY WOOD, Titanium, a highly repulsive material that is lighter in weight than stainless steel, is adopted for the face body. The ideal design for the center of gravity is made possible by reducing weight; also, by combining only titanium and tungsten alloy, we have sought an ultra low center of gravity and great carry performance.

Thinned face increases repulsive force


<●Ordinary stock △Made to order>
Club number Fairway Wood
#3 #5 #7 #9
Head volume (㎤) 153 147 140 131
Loft angle (degrees) 15 18 21 24
Lie angle (degrees) 59 59.5 60 60.5
Club length (inches) 43.25 42.5 41.75 41
Club weight (g) R 296 302 309 315
S 299 305 312 318
Swing weight R/S D2
Line up R
Head materials Face/Body: 6-4Ti Sole: Tungsten alloy
(weight/torque/flex point)
R 46g / 4.8° / low(#3)
S 49g / 4.8° / low(#3)
Grip IOMIC Sticky SUPER LIGHT M62 Black/Black 34g with backline (Iomic Co., Ltd.)


Adopts titanium for the face and provides a stable carrying distance with high forgiveness.

Mistake-resistant and stable drive with high moment of inertia

The utility also adopts titanium for the face and combines it with a stainless steel body for a high moment of inertia. The increased roundness of the sole makes it resistant to duffing mistakes and provides a stable carrying distance with high forgiveness.

Thinned face increases repulsive force


<●Ordinary stock △Made to order>
UTILITYMade in Japan
Club number Utility
U3 U4 U5 U6
Head volume (㎤) 100 99 97 95
Loft angle (degrees) 18 21 24 28
Lie angle (degrees) 59.5 60 60.5 61
Club length (inches) 40.75 40 39.25 38.5
Club weight (g) R 321 329 337 345
S 324 332 340 348
Swing weight R/S D2
Line up R
Head materials Face: 6-4Ti Body:Stainless steel
(weight/torque/flex point)
R 50g / 4.2° / low(U3)
S 53g / 4.2° / low(U3)
Grip IOMIC Sticky SUPER LIGHT M62 black/black 34g with backline (Iomic Co., Ltd.)


L-shaped titanium and stainless steel are bonded with new technology. IRON that produces stable flights for a clear shot to the target.

Titanium iron that produces a high level of both drive and impact feel

Numbers 6, 7 and 8 use the L shaped titanium face, while number 9 and the PW use the titanium face. Maximizing the deflection of the face and sole increases the initial velocity of the ball. In addition, the inner weight increases the inertia moment and allows a deep and low center of gravity, so a mistake-resistant high trajectory is achieved. By filling the inside with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), we also pursue a soft impact feel. AW, AS and SW use ceramic inside the neck to reduce the neck weight. The extra weight is added to the sole side to achieve a soft impact feel and a high trajectory.

By designing a sharper sole round and a step on the sole from the toe to the back face, even a wide sole realizes easy swing through with little resistance to the ground.


<●Ordinary stock △Made to order>
IRONMade in Japan
Club number Iron
#6 #7 #8 #9 PW AW AS SW
Loft angle (degrees) 21 25 29 34 39 44 50 56
Lie angle (degrees) 61.5 62 62.5 63 63.5 64 64 64
Club length (inches) 38.75 38.0 37.25 36.75 36.25 35.75 35.5 35.25
Club weight (g) R 340 350 359 368 375 383 387 391
S 343 353 362 371 378 386 390 394
Swing weight R/S C9 D0
Line up R/S
Head materials [#6,7,8] L-shaped face: 6-4Ti Body: Stainless steel + TPU
[#9,PW] Face: 6-4Ti Body: Stainless steel + TPU
[AW,AS,SW] Face/Body: Stainless steel Internal neck: Ceramic
(weight/torque/flex point)
R 52g / 3.7°/low(#7)
S 55g / 3.7°/low(#7)
Grip IOMIC Sticky SUPER LIGHT M62 black/black 34g with backline (Iomic Co., Ltd.)



Ladies’ driver, fairway wood, utilityMade in Japan
#1 #3 #5 #7 U5 U6
Head volume (㎤) 445 147 140 131 98 94
Loft angle (degrees) 13 18 21 24 23 27
Lie angle (degrees) 61.0 59.5 60.0 60.5 61.5 62.0
Club length (inches) 43.75 41.5 41.0 40.5 38.0 37.25
Club weight (g) 269 285 289 293 314 323
Swing weight C1 C1 C0
Head materials Face: CARBON
Body: Ti -811, CARBON
Weight: Tungsten alloy
Face, Body: 6-4Ti
Sole: Tungsten alloy
Face: 6-4Ti
Body: Stainless steel
shaft L W: 40g K: Low T: 6.3° W: 41g K: Low T: 6.1°(#3) W: 42g K: Low T: 4.8°(U5)
Ladies’ ironMade in Japan
Club number #7 #8 #9 PW AW SW
Loft angle (degrees) 29 34 39 44 50 56
Lie angle (degrees) 62.5 63.0 63.5 64.0 64.0 64.0
Club length (inches) 36.5 35.75 35.0 34.5 34.25 34.0
Club weight (g) 335 345 355 364 370 375
Swing weight B9 C0
Head materials Face (L shape): 6-4Ti
Body: Stainless steel + TPU
Face: 6-4Ti
Body: Stainless steel + TPU
Face, Body: Stainless steel
Neck interior: Ceramic
shaft L W: 44g K: Low T: 4.1°(#7)

Exclusively for AXEL, a joint development with Mitsubishi Chemical Lightweight Super Acceleration Shaft “VANQUISH” DART TECHNOLOGY SHAFT × METAL MESH SHEET


Based on the manufacturing technology of the new high quality and high performance brand “VANQUISH,” dartshaft technology is adopted. The shaft is designed to be stiffened and firm from the grip side to the middle. The shaft accelerates the head by being sharply softened up to the tip, making it easier to get a solid ball contact and achieve a high trajectory. Adopting a metal mesh sheet at the grip part, means the center of gravity is there. This design makes it easy to swing and accelerate the head. Although it is a flexible and lightweight shaft, it also has a firm feel and achieves “a long flying distance and stable trajectory.”

Metal mesh sheet
(conceptual image)