• AXEL

    Pioneering lightweight
    club that provides a long
    carry with little force

    Developed with the concept of “lightness” that can bring out the maximum power of a golfer. We have demonstrated that the head speed and carry distance both increase thanks to our lightweight club design that enables golfers to swing through more sharply. Since this model debuted in 1985 as the world’s lightest club at that time with a club weight of 260 g, it has remained a popular brand for the top models representing TSURUYA, always using the best materials and techniques, and continuing to evolve uncompromisingly toward further heights.

  • AXEL

    Achieving a strong trajectory
    easily for golfers who win

    The advanced model in which the technologies of TSURUYA are concentrated to meet the wide range of demands for average golfers and hard-hitter athlete golfers. With strong trajectory lines while keeping user-friendly for players, this model ensures an aggressive course attack. Pursuing reliability in practice and improving the range and handling ease, GOLDEN PRIX is the proven brand that has led to victory in the tough professional world.


    Easy and Fun! Straight
    Carry, Ultimate Feeling
    You Will Never Slice

    Slicing, a problem for golfers, can be solved with clubs. This club is designed with the “Never Slice Concept” so you can hit the ideal high-draw ball, with the larger angle of center of gravity on the head to make it easier to catch the ball and with less variation in the wide sweet area. This is a no-bend club that exhilarates all golfers and is a beginner-friendly brand that aims for a “new carry.”

Development philosophy

Deliver only genuine products to every golfer.

We are pursuing the ideal of golf clubs with the scrupulousness and knowledge that we have fostered over our long history, as well as the experience and high technical skills we have developed.
Each golfer has his or her own personality, skill and taste, but the desire for a “longer carry and higher precision” is the same for all. To meet this desire, the original TSURUYA brand was born.
We have listened to the voices of many golfers and developed our unique theories to develop clubs.
We will continue working hard and strive to make the best clubs with original ideas and cutting-edge technologies.